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Getting Started

This small guide will help you setup a new GDEngine powered project. Make sure you have the latest source code downloaded, and let's get started!

Step 1 - Extract the source code into a folder

Make sure you create a general folder so all your game projects use the same GDEngine project. It makes it easier to update the engine for all the games at once.

Step 2 - Create a new XNA Game project

Open up Visual Studio 2010, and hit File -> New Project...
Select Windows Game (4.0) and click 'Ok'

Step 3 - Add the references to the Project

Open the Solution Explorer and right click the 'References' item in the main project.

Click 'Add Reference...' and hit the 'Browse' tab. Navigate up to the folder you extracted the library's source code and navigate all the way up to 'GDEngine3/bin/x86/Debug', and select the GDEngine3.dll file

Step 4 - Setting up the engine into the game

Now all you need to do is setup the engine in the game.
  • You first need to add the folloing using directives:

using GDEngine3;
using GDEngine3.Display;
using GDEngine3.Screen;
using GDEngine3.Utils;

  • Next, you setup a new GDMainEngine object into the main Game file:

  • Now, you instantiate the engine instance in the Ininitialize() method

  • And now add the LoadContent, UnloadContent, Update and Redraw method calls into the respective Game methods:

Now you're done! You can start coding your game using GDEngine.

Make sure you check the Samples Project for more info when using the engine, including entities functonality and the handy GDScreen!

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