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GDEngine v1.0.0

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Released: Dec 28, 2013
Updated: Dec 28, 2013 by LuizZak
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+ = Addition
- = Subtraction
. = Note

!! 1.0.0b

+ Added a GDEntity.Raycast() method used to raycast through the DisplayList of an entity
+ Added a Name identifier for the GDAnimStorageItem, GDContentItem and GDSoundStorageItem classes
+ Added a Name constructor for the GDEntity class
+ Added method GDEntity.EntityNamed() to search the display tree recursively for an entity with the given name
+ Added GDMath.Distance(Vector2, Vector2) overload
+ Added a specialized GDMath.GetBoundingBox() and GDMath.GetRectangleArea() for 2 points only for speedup
+ Added GDScreen.DesiredSpriteSortMode, GDScreen.DesiredDepthStencilState, and GDScreen.DesiredRasterizerState fields
+ Added GDEntity.MaskRectangle field and GDEntity.maskRectangle property
+ Added a screen clipping feature to the engine's entity drawing process
+ Added GDStatics.Intersection() method that returns the intersection of the two given RectangleF objects
+ Added AnimationDescriptor.PlaybackRate field, used to set the rate at which the playback is set. Accepted value ranges must lie between [0 - 1] inclusive

* Now GDMath.GetBoundingBox() works with all points array sizes other than 2 and 4
* Now GDEntity.GetArea() will call RefreshArea() and ApplyMatrixRecursive() if the entity is marked dirty
* Fixed an incorrect bounding box calculation on GDEntity.QuerySegment() that would reduce performance on some cases, and in others not work as expected at all
* Changed the GDEntity.RefreshArea() method to not alter the GDEntity.OriginalWidth and GDEntity.OriginalHeight properties
* Fixed incorrect local size calculations on GDText, GDAnimation and GDImage entity types
* Implemented a GDText.CalculateArea() override and removed the GDText.RefreshArea() override to avoid incorrect size calculations
* Removed the reduntant array copy in the GDEntity.End() method
* Now the GDEntity.Update() method checks if a child entity is parented by it before calling the child's Update() method
* Now the GDEntity.alpha property is a separated floating point value. It may fix some errors with precision that may have been happening before
* Fixed a bug on GDEntity.HitTest() that would not correctly report collisions under some circumstances

. Removed two needless RectangleF.Clone() calls from GDEntity.QueryEntity()
. Removed a needless GDMath.GetBoundingBox() call from GDEntity.QueryRec()
. Moved the GDEntity.Unscaled member initialization to the GDEntity.Init() method
. Now the default SpriteSortMode for screens is Immediate

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