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GDEngine 0.6.1b

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Released: Feb 8, 2012
Updated: Feb 8, 2012 by LuizZak
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Source Code GDEngine_0.6.1b_source
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Example GDEngine_0.6.1b_samples
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Release Notes

Change log:

* = Fix/Change
+ = Addition
- = Subtraction
. = Note


+ Added a new querying method: QueryEntity. It's hella slow for now, so use with care
+ Now only entities with valid areas affect their parent entities' areas
+ Now the entities will not render if they are outside the clipping rectangle passed as the redrawRect parameter to the GDEntity.Draw method
+ Now the entities will not render if the alpha property is 0
+ Added a tint property to the GDEntity class, and it will be used to tint all the nested child entities and itself when rendering, as well as an alpha property
+ Added the ability to play animations backwards with the GDAnimation, by using the flag AnimationDescriptor.Reversed in the Descriptor property of the GDAnimation instance
+ Added a new property to the GDEntity to support custom user made data called UserData
+ Added a new property to the GDEntity called ChildIndex, it tells at which index the entity is in the parent's Children list, or -1 if there's no parent
+ Added a new virtual method called sortChildren, that sorts all children's ChildIndexes
+ Added two methods for spatial querying of entities to go with GetAtPoint: QueryRec and QuerySegment
+ Added PointInPolygon function to the GDMath class. It tests whether a point is inside a polygon
+ The GDAnimation now has a constructor overload that supports an AnimationDescriptor to be set right away

* Now entities force new entities being added to their display list to recurse their matrices with ApplyMatrixRecursive() on the addChild call
* Removed some reduntant drawing code that extracted already calculated properties from the absoluteTransform matrix on GDImage, GDText and GDAnimation
* Greatly sped up the disposing process when using GDMainEngine.Dispose()
* Fixed a serious issue with the GDEntity.GetAtPoint and GDEntity.QueryRec functions, where they wouldn't work properly with rectangles and points with negative coordinates
* Fixed an issue where the GDMainEngine would try to make function calls on a nullified GDScreen object
* Fixed GDText not computing the text width and height correctly when scaled
* Fixed problems with entity deinitialization with Screen.UnloadContent(), MainEngine.UnloadContent(), GDEntity.Free() and GDEntity.End() methods
* Fixed issues with animation loading methods for the GDAnimation class
* Now the GDImage and GDAnimation classes correctly round the origin when the RoundPoints flag is set to true

. Virtualized the GDEntity's following methods: addChild, removeChild and the removeChild overload
. Made the GDEntity.RefreshArea method public


+ Now the GDMath's PolygonCollision function can also resolve collisions
+ New GDText entity, used to display text onscreen using the SpriteBatch's DrawString function
+ Now the Camera System is up and running. Use the Camera object located at the GDMainEngine class to modify the view
+ Now the GetAtPoint and HitTest functions support bitmask filtering

* The GDMath's PolygonCollision function works a little bit faster now
* Updated the way the bounding box and collision box is calculated
* Updated the GDAnimation's AnimationDescriptor to support == and != operators
* Fixed a problem with the way GDAnimation advanced the frames, which could cause a faster-than-intended animation playing

. Many minor bug fixes and stabillity issues covered

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